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"Make your home hard to leave."

Made In Korea

"Make your home so comfortable without leaving it."

Just Kliig.

You know how to pamper yourselves. Life is short. Space is limited. Budget is tight.

You don’t want the cheapest. You want the best. You want unique designs and reliable products. You want to work with people you can trust. (And if you're tired of talking to robots, you can always call our really friendly real people on mobile: 81830555 :))

You work hard for your money. You want your people to work hard for you too. You want the best at the lowest price possible.

At Kliig, that’s exactly what we do!

Space is getting more and more precious. Designs and functionalities are becoming more crucial.

You don’t want to clutter your precious space with cheap but unreliable products. The kinds that break down easily or don’t work properly. The kinds that have poor finishing and not nice to look at or feel everyday.

We’ve searched every part of Korea (except North Korea :)) to bring you the best.

When you look at beautiful things everyday, you will feel happy everyday.

Your wish is our mission.

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Customers' Reviews:

5 STARS *****

"👍very impressed with the effectiveness of mosquito trap. Even attracted a couple of lizards, besides the mossies n other flies . Returned to buy 3 more.

Daniel Toh, Singapore

5 STARS *****

"I highly recommend Black Quito to those who have mosquitoes and other flying insects problem at their homes! I have been using the same Black Quito machine for the past 3-4 years and only had to change the lamp once. I was amazed by how the machine effectively traps all the mosquitoes and ordering extra glue papers from Iconic Group is very easy and fast, they mailed it to me very promptly. Thank you for the excellent product and service that have kept my whole family free of mosquitoes and other insects bites!"

Cleonice Ong, Singapore

5 STARS *****

'If you are looking for a office-styled table with customization such as length, height and various add-ons like cable holes, this is the best place to get it in Singapore, hands down.

Their table tops are solid, one-piece models that make it very sturdy and durable. This is unlike the quality you will find in a certain Swedish furniture shop. If you customize a table, it would take about 2-3 months before your table is ready as the tables are made and assembled in Korea. Great news for all you K-fans out there.

The manager was very friendly and helpful, recommending several different dimensions and models for my needs. I needed a table urgently, so I picked up whatever was left of existing stock. I eventually brought home a 1.8m x 80cm table using an extra large vehicle from Grab. You'll need to be pretty strong to move it on your own, though.

Various modes of payment available, they even taught me how to use PayNow.

5 stars, will recommend and use if I do open my own office."

Boone Ng, Singapore

5 STARS *****

"How I converted a small storeroom into a home office cum walk-in wardrobe cum guest room."

Iconic Group has a unique AniFrame storage solution which allows me to easily convert my HDB utility room into a highly functional multi-purpose room. Photos attached show their wonderful AniFrame system. Each rack that I used cost under $400 on average, very affordable price for its functions and quality finishing. My wife is very happy about our newly sorted utility room.

Pic 1 shows the layout of my utility room with all the racks installed. Pic 2 shows my room before conversion, messy and difficult to access our things. The next few photos show my room after conversion, neat and clean.

I would like to share how I used AniFrame system. It was so easy to install, my wife and I installed all 3 racks with a rubber mallet in a few hours. AniFrame racks look very modern and their frames are very versatile.

In pic 6 you can see that I have created a shelf to store all my luggages below. It’s so neat and convenient to take my luggages in and out now. I have also created a workstation for myself with all my books kept in boxes and stored neatly above on the shelves in pic 7.

AniFrame is the only system we could find that offers so many sizes and accessories that goes well with the system. I used their wardrobe set comprising of 2 frames with welded brackets to hold a hanger rod. I hang my winter clothing and jeans there shown in pic 8.

Iconic Group provides customised services such as customising the height to meet my needs. My vertical posts was cut to 1950mm from 2100mm which allows me to slot in my bulky mattress right on top of the hanger system.

They also gave very good advices such as building 2 individual rectangular racks instead of a L-shaped rack so that I have a vertical space in between the 2 racks to slot in tall items such as my ladder, which was perfect! See pic 11. This also allows me to easily adjust one rack without affecting the other.

Last but not least, the rounded hooks they provide are far from ordinary hooks. These hooks are thoughtfully designed and I’ve used them to hang my bag pack, mops, ironing board and even umbrella. The hooks don't fall off when I take out my items.

AniFrame has far exceeded my expectations. It has transformed my utility room and it can transform your storage room/bomb shelters too. Definitely worth the investment. I wrote a longer review than I expected myself to, really an amazing solution that only AniFrame at Iconic Group provides. Will certainly try out their many other unique solutions."

Joseph Chan, Singapore

5 STARS *****

"I was looking to customise a shelf to store my items and chanced upon iconic's website and decided to give it a try. The main deciding factor for choosing them was being able to adjust the shelves to whatever dimensions that I needed. Before ordering the parts, be sure to know roughly what one intends to build which their staff was very helpful with, to help ascertain what length of bars which I needed. I used special connectors to link all 3 sections together and managed to put the whole rack together by myself but it will be definitely much easier and faster as a 2-man job! Even though the receipt says items once sold is not refundable, Frank was very accommodating to allow me to change the parts as I only realised later that I had been connecting the parts wrongly and hence ordered the wrong lengths. It cost about $800 to build the 3 columns of 1.8m tall and wide racks but would still recommend iconic if you're looking for stylish customisable shelves!"

Dominique Lee

5 STARS *****

"Recently, while I was looking for two office chairs for my home office, I came across the website for Iconic. Through the website advertisement, I realized it is selling office chairs that are made in Korea. Hence, I went down to their showroom to look at the chair quality. I must say that I am very impressed by the quality of the chair. The chair is well-designed to suit modern home/office and the quality of the seating and the wheels are equally impressive. Many people overlook the importance of having good chair wheels when buying a chair, as I had a very bad experience with my previous office chairs. Anyway, I bought a pair of grey colored chairs that came with black and white features. (Refer to photo) After 3 weeks of using the chairs, I am still satisfied with my purchase as of today. Great team in Iconic as their people are very customer oriented, very patient in guiding me how to setup the chair, and even helped me to carry my chairs to my car. Kudos to them~!"

Perry Ng Woon Howe, Singapore

5 STARS *****

"Fast & Reliable! In the beginning was a little worried as I have to transfer the money to the Company current account. But took the risk. The salesman had recommended a better table to the one I've requested. Bought a i3 Natural Oak instead of Space Saver table. Love the new table we have at home!

Thank you Iconic Group for being reliable and fast in delivering the table."

Ling Ling Low

5 STARS ***** 

The best investment in life is an investment on oneself. In June 2016, I purchased a director chair from Iconic Group. It was so comfortable that I couldn't resist buying it! The chair allows me to sit down at my table for 6 hours straight without hurting my back lumbar and tailbone despite the two parts of my body being highly sensitive and typically getting hurt after sitting down on ordinary chairs for an hour or two. The chair allowed me to mug at my table for my O Level exams as well as my JC1 Promotional Examinations, and perhaps with help of the chair I scored many As for my O Level as well as pass my JC1 Promotional Exams with flying colors. Today in 2018, I returned to Iconic Group’s chair showroom in search for an upgrade to an even more comfortable chair as I seek to ace my upcoming A Level Examinations. Returning to Iconic Group was a straightforward decision as the chairs sold are of high quality and comfort. Their chairs are very lasting as well, making it a value for money. The salesman spared no effort in trying to find the right chair for me, allowing me to try various chairs from the wide plethora of chairs available at the showroom. I would definitely recommend the products of Iconic Group to all looking for a comfortable, posh and value for money chair. So, will you invest in yourself?”

J N Tang, Singapore


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