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The 4 defences against Covid-19 (Wuhan Coronavirus) and other germs:

Defence #1: Get a good hand sanitizer.

The most common way that Covid-19 and other germs are passed is through contact.

Covid-19 is highly infectious. One of the case is a Cisco officer who had served quarantine orders on two individuals from Wuhan who had subsequently tested positive for the virus.

At the moment, there are still lots of unknown. However, it is a known fact that a person can be infected when he touches a contaminated surface and then rubs his mouth, nose or eyes. In a city, it is almost impossible not to touch a contaminated surface especially when an infected person has just visited the place.

The surface can be anything the person has touches. Door handles, lift buttons, ATM machines, escalator hand rails, the list goes on. Even when you take back your credit card or a pen that has been touched by an infected person, you could be infected.

There is also some possibility that viruses can be spread on toilet tap and even toilet door handle when an infected person flushes the toilet and the germs spread to toilet door handle due to flushing (that’s why it’s recommended to flush the toilet bowl with cover closed but nobody does not.)

Viruses on the hand, actually, does not infect a person. It is when the person rubs the nose, mouth or eyes. Hence the best way to prevent infection through contact is to wash the hands every time there is a suspected contact.

However, this is not possible most of the time.

So the best way is to use a hand sanitizer that you can carry around with you.

There are basically 2 types of hand sanitizer. Alcohol based and non-alcohol based.

For the alcohol based, 70% is the ideal alcohol concentration. If the concentration is higher than 70% for e.g. 99%, it becomes less effective. Why? Because water is a crucial factor in destroying viruses and bacteria. Water act as a catalyst and plays a key role in denaturing the proteins of cell membranes of the micro-organisms. 70% alcohol concentration penetrates cell membrane more completely and permeates the entire cell, killing the viruses and bacteria instantly.

If the solution is less than 70%, there is too much water. Too much water slows evaporation and requires longer surface contact time to kill viruses and bacteria. Too little water (for eg. 99% alcohol concentration), coagulate proteins instantly. This forms a protective layer which protect the other proteins from further coagulation. Some of the micro-organism may still be killed but require even require longer contact time. This can be as long as an hour or more compared to just seconds for 70% concentration level.

Hence 70% alcohol is the ideal concentration.

We highly recommend a brand called AntiviruX. This brand has been around in the market since SARS. It is used in clinics and hospitals. It is made in Singapore and compliant with HSA regulations.

For those who cannot touch alcohol, a non-alcohol based version is available. All it takes is just a few more days to manufacture.

Buy AntiviruX.

Defence #2: Get the right mask for the right purpose. See our masks blog or Buy masks.

Defence #3: Get UV sterizer to sterize virus and germs on your smartphone or mask.

Do you know smartphone (about 20,000 germs) is much dirtier than toilet (about 1,200 germs)? We use smartphone everyday & everywhere and it is always touched on our hands and face. Even though we wash or sanitize hands frequently and wear mask to protect against virus and germs, we are exposed to numbers of them by the smartphone. So it is very important to sterize the smartphone and keep it clean. Our smartphone UV sterizer can sterize 99.9% of virus & germs. Even it can sterize not only smartphone but also mask. See our videos and Buy smartphone/mask UV sterizer.

Defence #4: Get a good air purifier that not only purifies the air around you but kill germs and viruses. 

There are many air purifiers in the market. However, most of them are bulky and meant to purify the air in the room for haze. Some are effective against viruses but also bulky and can only be used in the room. There are some which are small and portable that both purifies the air and kill germs. However, many of them are not properly tested or have side effects like using UV lights or other harmful emissions like Ozone.

There is one Korean air purifier that meets all these requirements. Can be carried around wherever you go. Even used in a café or library or your workplace. It works on USB so you can power it with a power bank. So if you’re enjoying a cup of coffee in a café for e.g., you can use it to create a wall of protection around you. It uses bluelight and not harmful to your eyes or skin and doesn’t emit ozone. And it has been tested to be very effective in killing germs in an area as big as 20sm (roughly 200 sf), though the spec says 10 sm (100 sf). 10 sm (100sf) is more than enough as a personal wall of protection around you. Note: the manufacturer has been conservative and provided under-spec which is great.

Read more or Buy Kliig Air Purifier now.