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Collection: Korean Air Purifier

The coolest and safest personal/car air purifier on the planet!

Are you breathing in pure air or ozone?

Do you know that your air purifier can be potentially dangerous tech that emits hazardous by-products like ozone and spores from mold and bacteria growing in poorly maintained Hepa filters?

Using an air purifier in a small & confined space like a car or small room and sitting next to it can potentially damage your lungs, eyes, skin and other organs.

This air purifier, invented by a Korean scientist, is 100% safe and solves these and many other problems faced by existing technologies.

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Unique benefits:

1). Safe: No Ozone, No UV.

(Harmless to babies, elderly, pregnant women & pets.)

2). Patented technology (by Prof. Shin of SeongKyunKwan Univ., S.Korea.)

3). All-in-one kill machine.

4). Kills viruses, bacteria & spores instantly.

5). Eliminate VOCs.

6). Capture fine dust. (1000 x finer than PM 2.5)

7). Can be used as aroma diffuser.

8). No filter required.

9). Low operating cost (About $1/year based on 24 hr/365 days usage.)

10). USB powered (Can be used anywhere/anytime.)

11). Very light (Can be carried in handbag.)

12). Made in Korea.

When to use:

(This is a personal/small air purifier that covers 10 square meter.)

1). To create a pure air zone in your car.

2). For travel to polluted areas.

3). Those suffering from allergies.

4). When your workplace/space is affected by VOCs.

5).To remove odour and sterilize toilets.

6). To diffuse essential oils or increase humidity

7). To protect yourself from being infected by sick family members, co-workers or public. 

8). During haze.



Checkpoint #1: All in one kill machine.


  • Kills virus, bacteria, & spores instantly.
  • Eliminates VOCs (Volatile Organic Chemicals).
  • Removes fine dusts. (Smaller than 1000 x PM 2.5)
  • Can be used to diffuse essential oils.


  • Only one machine required.
  • Save space. Save money.


Checkpoint #2: No filter required!


  • No filter cost.
  • No need to clean/change filter.
  • Filter can grow microbes and contaminate the air.
  • Even true Hepa filter can not remove dust below below PM 2.5

The science (How is fine dust removed?):

Air is sucked into the machine by a special fan that is designed to circulate the fine dust around the water at the base. The water acts as a water filter system.

When the fine dust comes into contact with the water, it is trapped by the water. This patented technology can trap fine dust as fine as 1000 times finer than PM 2.5!

This technology is so much more advanced than the Hepa filter technology found in the market which cannot eliminate fine dust of < PM 2.5.

You can see the evidence of fine dust collected in the water.

Checkpoint #3: Patented breakthrough technology.

(Invented by Prof. Shin of SeongKyunKwan Univ., a renowned university in S.Korea.)


  • No UV light.


  • No ozone, no harmful by-products to damage your lungs.
  • Safe for babies, elderly, pregnant women & pets.

      The science (How are microbes & VOCs killed?):

      When the machine is turned on, a LED bluelight comes into contact with a TI02 coated catalyst. The process breaks up H2O in the air into `OH (hydroxyl radicals) and H+ ions. The hydroxyl radicals are highly reactive and bond with the hydrogen atoms in the VOCs or microbes thereby deactivating them instantly.

      (Hydrogen bond is crucial to all life on earth and in VOCs. So once the hydrogen bonds are destroyed, the microbes or VOCs are eliminated. For e.g. Formaldehyde is HCHO, Methanol is CH3OH,  Toulene is C7H8, Ammonia is NH3 and all other VOCs have a hydrogen bond.)

      Checkpoint #4: Sensuous design and super quiet.  Adjust air volume with the one-touch button. Super quiet fan (at 17.2 decibels, its the quietest air purifier) that will not affect your sleep or work.

      Operation order: On -> 1 level -> 2 level -> 3 level -> Off 

      Easily adjust the air volume by pressing the power button on top of the air purifier. The brightness of the button indicates the higher the fan speed. Even at the highest fan speed (17.2 dB), it is working very hard but quietly and will not affect your sleep or work.

      Checkpoint #5: Simple connection with micro 5 pin USB.

      Connect with your power bank, laptop, computer, car, phone charger or multi USB connector.


      Checkpoint #6: Practical minimal size.

      Hold with one hand and comfortable grip just like carrying your Starbucks coffee. Cool and sensuous design.

      Practical size that can be placed anywhere and any time in a small space such as table top, car, toilet, small room, cafe, public place, library, any workspace without being intrusive. With a powerbank, you can even carry and use it in public transport, plane, train, in your hotel room etc.

      Checkpoint #7: Function with moist natural humidification.

      To moisturize dry air, just put some water at the bottom section.

      This is a smart product that have natural humidification function by using water filter.

      Checkpoint #8: LED mood lamp with warm sensibility.

      The LED blue light provides delicate illumination. We have slept next to it without affecting our sleep! Unlike UV light which will damage your eyes or skin, blue light is harmless. 

      Checkpoint #9: Can be used as aroma diffuser.

      Imagine not just breathing pure air but add a drop of essential oil to improve your sleep or simply to relax. This is a really smart machine and must have for every home and office.

      Drop a drop of essential oil into the water on the base of the air purifier. Feel the effect of the fragrance as the aroma spreads!

      Checkpoint #10: Safe, rigorously tested & proven to work.

      When buying an air purifier, don’t just buy because of the brand. This is because you want to breathe in pure air and not harmful by-products produced by the machine that can damage your lungs and other organs.

      Hence it is very important to understand the science behind the machine and ensure that the machine has been rigorously tested by recognized laboratories.

      In the case of our air purifier, it was proven to work for deactivating VOCs, killing germs, producing zero ozone and eliminating fine dust.

      The test was conducted by KTR (Korea Testing and Research Institute). The test shows that Ammonia was reduced by 74% after 2 hours. All four other volatile chemicals were reduced.

      In another test, the air purifier was tested for effectiveness compared to the 2 largest brands. Brand S is a major brand in Korea while Brand D is a major brand in Japan. As you can see from the test report, taking Brand S as the standard of 100% effectiveness in eliminating VOCs. Brand D was found to be 120% more effective than brand S. While our air purifier was found to be 310% more effective.

      The next test shows how microbes were destroyed. The test was conducted by KULF, a recognized germ testing facility in Korea (sponsored by  Ministry of Food and Drug Safety and National Veterinary Research and Quarantine Service.) 

      The germ test shows that when the air purifier is placed in an area of 20sm, the germs were drastically reduced in 4 out of 5 samples, showing there is a significant average reduction of germs activity.



      1). Why Kliig air purifier is different from others?:

      Until now, all other air purifiers that use the oxidation process use UV light to initiate the process. 

      UV light has two main problems:

      1. UV light not only excite TIO2 to form hydroxyl radicals. It also breaks down Oxygen, O2, in the air to form O3 or Ozone. Ozone is a pollutant. It can be very harmful to our lungs even when breathed in very minute amount.

      Exposure to ozone has very severe health consequences and has been linked to serious respiratory diseases and premature death.

      In the Ozone test, our purifier is proven that not only does it not produce any ozone, the background ozone is reduced.

      The test environment has a background ozone density of 0.00000021% (2.1 x 10 -7). Background ozone is the ozone present in the room. It is always there (due to auto emissions and other pollution etc. As it is very minute, it has no effect on human health.) The test shows that even after turning on the purifier for 24 hours, the background ozone level was not increased. In fact , it was reduced to 0.000000020% (2.0 x 10 -8).

      If you’re using a purifier that uses UV, make sure that the manufacturer can show you test results that the background ozone level is not increased when the machine is being used.

      Some manufacturers will claim that their UV lamp is being tuned to a frequency that doesn’t produce ozone. This is not true as no UV lamp can be tuned to just one frequency. Even if its tuned for a particular frequency, it still emit a spectrum of UV frequencies. This means that ultimately, the UV spectrum will still destroy the O2 to form O3.

      When you buy a purifier, you want to breathe in fresh air and not air that is filled with Ozone as that will damage your lungs. Especially if you’re using it in a enclosed room where the Ozone can build up to very damaging level.

      Hence our purifier uses blue light and not UV is a very crucial factor.

      2. Second problem with UV light is that it is very damaging to the eyes and skin. UV causes very serious eye and skin diseases including cataracts and skin cancer. It also causes pre-mature aging. Living with a UV light in the room is very different from being exposed to UV light from sun. Imagine you’re working, studying or sleeping with a UV light in your room. How much exposure you’re getting in a confined space?

      2). Why other manufacturers cannot use a bluelight instead of UV light to activate the TIO2 catalyst?:

      This is because the inventor of Kliig air purifier, Prof. Shin of SeongKyunKwan University (one of Korea’s famous universities) has invented a patented nanotechnology coated catalyst that can be activated by bluelight. Hence a UV light is not required. This is the technological breakthrough in the Kliig purifier.

      1. Open the bottom section (water container) & pour water (maximum half). Put back the bottom.
      2. Connect to DC adaptor or USB port. 
      3. Turn on the power. First press (ON the power, turn fan speed to level one.) Second press (Turn fan speed to level 2.) Third press (Turn fan speed to level 3.) Fourth press (OFF.)

      * Cautions: Don't put too much the water. (Amount of water does not affect operation.) Be careful when moving the unit. Do not spill or turn over the unit such that water flows into the circuit at the top.
      This can damage that PCB at the top & void the warranty.


      (Copyrights: Graphics by developer. Article & translation by No material is to be reproduced without written permission by copyrights owners.)

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