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About Kliig & Iconic

About Kliig:

KLIIG is Korean LIfestyle ShoppInG!

The only online store in Singapore specializing  in quality and unique Korean Lifestyle products at the lowest price guaranteed!

You can shop with confidence and convenience in the comfort of your home/office at a click.

How we keep our customers? Below are our 5 pillars for success:

We serve PEPSI:

Position: We bring you the best Korean furniture and lifestyle products at the lowest cost possible. Well known by the Korean furniture and lifestyle trade. Well known by Singaporeans for experts in Korean products.

Energy: As a small company, we work harder. We are open everyday for your convenience and no job is too big/small for us to handle.

Passion: We love the products we sell because they have been tried, tested and loved for almost 10 years by thousands of customers.

Service: We serve you with love, patience and kindness so that you will not only keep coming back but refer many to us.

Integrity: Integrity is key to long-term success.

Kliig and Iconic:

Kliig is the online store of Iconic. Kliig focuses on best-selling, fast moving Iconic products, ready to move at a click.

Iconic focuses on customized solutions that you cannot find elsewhere.

10 years serving over 10,000 homes and offices:

When it comes to Korean lifestyle products, Killig and Iconic is the brand names you can trust. For almost 10 years, we’ve served over 10,000 offices and homes including MNCs, SMEs, home offices, homes and individuals. We’ve served every kinds of needs and requests. Nothing is too big or too small for us to handle. If you have any specific needs, even very special ones, we’d love to serve you. Call our friendly teams today.

For customized and other solutions not in Kliig, visit Iconic homepage: