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Prices for All AniFrame Sizes

all sizes and prices of storage rack

** Light duty frames is 1.6mm tick, heavy duty is 2mm thick. Heavy duty (holds 200kg per shelf depending on length) is 100% stronger than light duty (holds 100kg per shelf depending on length) but cost only about 20-30% more and is the most popular.

** All prices are for black color. For creamish white, add $30/rack.

1. For more/less shelves:

Add/subtract the "Cost per shelf" from above pricing.

2. To upgrade to above 1.8m or cut to below 1.8m:

Our standard height is 1.8m. Other heights available are 2.1m and 2.4m. Add $40 per upsize: For e.g. to upgrade to 2.1m, add $40 to above price. To upgrade to 2.4m, add $80 to above price.
For shorter than 1.8m, we can cut to any size @ $5/cut. Some sizes like 1.5m or 1.2m may be available without cutting costs, subject to availability.

3. What is the difference between plywood, MDF and Korean shelves?:

a). Finishing: The main difference is in the finishing. Choose the shelves according to the finishing you prefer. Here are the finishing:
Korean shelves: laminated on all sides
Plywood: Natural finish with wood grains (you can varnish or paint on it)
MDF: Same as Korean shelves but without the laminates.

b). Strength: In terms of strength, there is not much difference. This is because the strength of our system lies in the thickness of the frames we use. We do not require the shelves to be made of metal or thick wood. Hence 9mm plywood, MDF or Korean shelves the strength is no difference. This means you get more storage space.

c). All prices are for 9mm plywood/MDF. The price is the same. We use 9mm Indonesian plywood which is fairer in color and more refined than others using China plywood.

d). For bomb shelter and storeroom, use plywood or MDF. For use as furniture in living, study room, you may want to use Korean shelves. Korean shelves are available only in certain sizes like 60cm x 30cm, 60cm x 40cm, 80cm x 30cm, 80cm x 40cm, 120cm x 30cm, 120cm x 40cm. For other sizes, need 2-3 months to import from Korea.

4. Free delivery Ts & Cs:

Free delivery are subject to Ts & Cs: Special promo packs are cash & carry, DIY prices. Other prices above $400/rack - Free delivery. Special promo packs or prices below $400/rack, subject to $35/rack for first rack, subsequent rack $20/rack. Installation charges: 18% of purchase price. For other Ts & Cs, please see:

5. Accessories prices:

Plastic hook: $1.50/hook, 10 hooks = $12.
Clothes hangar: 80cm length, 40cm depth with metal pole: add $60
Clothes hangar: 120cm length, 40cm depth with metal pole: add $75
For other lengths e.g. 60cm to 110 cm, can be cut at $5/cut

** Prices are subject to changes without prior notice.